Amplifire Preset Pack – 60 Presets for the Atomic Amplifire

(5 customer reviews)


I got an Atomic Amplifire pedal to try and thought it had good sounds and a lot of potential.  Our keyboard player started playing a little electric guitar on stage a couple years ago so I helped build a rig for him and when I got the AmpliFIRE, it quickly replaced the HD500 he was using.  With a bit more experimenting and making my own IR’s for it, I got sounds that were pretty close to what I would get profiling my own amps, so I made a little video demo showing what it was capable of.

The response was pretty positive for the most part and lots of folks started asking if I was going to release my presets.  When I shot the video, I used the same IR I made of my 3rd Power 112 cab for all of the presets and just eq’d them to mimic my favorite Kemper profiles.  Once I got it in my head that maybe I’d release some, I decided to spend a bit more time and try a few other IR’s that I had made and even tweaked a few to work with some of the different amp models built into the AF.

This is the result of that work and I hope you can find some sounds that work for you.  Since I began this process just trying to recreate sounds that I would use onstage, that’s what most of these are striving to achieve.  I tried to copy my favorite clean and edge-of-breakup tones along with my go-to rhythm overdrives and lead tones.  Most are pretty dry, with only a little compression and reverb, but you can easily add your own effects to taste.  I did include a couple with some fx but most are a basic starting point as that’s what some people prefer. The amp names in the preset titles are just for reference for what I was A/B’ing with on my Kemper. Hope these work for you…

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5 reviews for Amplifire Preset Pack – 60 Presets for the Atomic Amplifire

(5 customer reviews )
  1. Bob Lefever

    This pack is a must have for your amplifire it’s simply the best one out Mike is a master at creating tone don’t waste any more time buy it !!
    I just wanted to say I’ve had helix and helix LT and axefx ax8 and fx8 and a ultra now I have a amplifire 12 and if you want tone get one NOW lol
    With Mikes presets you will be well on your way to having all you need to play and record . I am very happy and I’m positive you will be too

  2. Sean Sudduth

    I just got the Amplifire 12 today, and while the stock presets are okay, there’s nothing immediately usable for my needs. I started going through this preset pack and BANG! I instantly had more than enough great sounding presets that require little or no tweaking to get outstanding results. Kudos to Mr. Britt for literally saving me days of editing for a paltry $15.

  3. Todd Kelsh

    These presets are a must have for anyone that owns an Amplifire preamp product. There is SO MUCH in this pack to use and every musician can find so many presets to actually use in their own playing. Michael did a great job in creating these. Michael must be a very rhythmical player cause all of these presets have a good thick THUNK with your pick…which i love…I am the same type of player. Spending 15 bucks on this package is a total no-brainer. You won’t be disappointed!
    Awesome job Michael!!

  4. Jeff Mulliken

    I just wish I had found these presets for my Amplifire 3 before I invested in the HX Stomp. I was never pleased with the results I got from the Amplifire, and so I bought an HX Stomp. Now, these presets are so great that I’m thinking about putting the Amplifire back on my pedal board where the Stomp is. Hope that Mike creates a similar pack for the HX Stomp, so that I can get the same value out of that rig too. Thanks Mike!

  5. Aaron

    This review is based on slightly less than a week with this pack. I have played with these sounds for roughly 6 hours total and really like them. So far I have only played with my EMG S1 Strat.

    The tones are great and there are effects that are already set up (thank you for that!). The Amplifire has great tones but it’s biggest downside is that the user interface is not very intuitive.

    The clean tones for this are fantastic, my favorites so far include the Black Face amps and the Bassbreaker amps. In the future I will play my Les Paul through the heavier tones and provide a more encompassing review.

    Will you be creating additional packs for the new amps released? I would gladly pay for these.

    Thank you

    Best Regards,

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