The Brown Bag Pack contains 25 Studio Rigs and 3 Plug’n’Play Performances.

This is an experiment. I have often wondered how much of our enjoyment of a profile stemmed from “knowing” what the amp profiled was and how much of it was based purely on how it sounds. I have profiled hundreds of amps, most with 10-30 profiles of each amp, so that’s a lot of profiles. Some amps sound great in the room but profile poorly or vice versa. So much of the sound of my profiles comes from speaker, cab, mic, mic placement, mic mix, volume, and environment. The amp is indeed a major factor, but it is not all of the tone. But there are so many paths to good tone, whether you use a real amp with an assortment of pedals, a modeler, a modeler with pedals, 4 cable method, profiler, profiler with pedals, etc. Each component can play a role in how it all sounds. This is all to say that the Brown Bag Pack contains profiles that, quite frankly, I didn’t expect to sound as good as they did. I’ve used a few of my favorite profiles repeatedly over the past few years and when I compared these to those, they were strikingly close or even surpassed them in some ways. It just goes to show, you can’t judge a book by it’s cover, even if it’s a plain brown one.

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