’69 MARSH PACK – 36 Profiles

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When I think of my favorite overdrive tones, I always go to early 4-input Marshalls.  They can sound smooth or angry depending on how you play them.  I’ve gotten to play a couple of great old Plexis over the years and I own a ’72 that I’ve profiled frequently.  I got the opportunity thanks to good friends to profile this ’69 beauty.  It has been passed between friends from Nashville to L.A. and back.  It has that crispy top end that I hear on early Van Halen records.

I wanted to capture some variety, and even though I usually use my fave 3P 212 cab, I profiled this with 4 different cabs:  3P 212 CL80, Marshall 412 w/25w Greenbacks, Marshall 412 w/30w Celestions, and my Guytron closed back 212 w/Vintage 30.  I even got a few good clean sounds on top of the great overdrive tones.  There are even a couple where I just rolled the knobs up and dialed the Variac down to brown it out a little.  Hope you like ’em.

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5 reviews for ’69 MARSH PACK – 36 Profiles

(5 customer reviews )
  1. Kevin Zipperer

    These profiles are spot on! Thank you Mr. Britt for the great job you’ve done profiling all of these wonderful amps for us.

  2. Edward H.

    This is by far one of the best packs ever. 69 Marshall 50 V30! My goto sound! Love it. Thank you MBritt!

  3. Georgian

    I am a huge Marshall fan and I have to say that these profiles really sound how they are supposed to. The amp reacts very dynamic, I love the cleaner profiles with V30s and greenbacks and I also like the overdrive. It sounds really smooth and creamy on the neck pickup and angry and articulate on the bridge pickup (tested with USA PRS Custom 24, Gibson ES-339 and Fender American Deluxe). Thank you!

  4. Holger D

    This is a fantastic profile package, very dynamic and captures the different speakers perfectly. My Shouts go to the Lead80 and the H30, sounds just like my rig at home, thanks a lot, highly recommended!

  5. vantonilin

    Completely loved the rigs in this pack, particularly the ones with Greenbacks. Tried many Marshall Kemper rigs before but this one fit my taste right out of the box.

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