MBlended IR Pack 1

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Down the rabbit hole we go… I’ve always felt that trying to choose an IR for a device or a project was so time-consuming and tedious.  There are always so many options that I felt like my ears could never adjust fast enough to really latch on to what I was hearing or that after I auditioned 30 IRs my ears were pretty much toast and nothing sounded good.  Of course, I still feel that way but my goal in making these IRs was to try to simplify my life a little bit.


Instead of trying to capture a specific speaker with a specific microphone only to have to compare it to another type of microphone on the same cab, etc. I decided I would try a different approach.  I would just take my favorite cabinets and blend them together.  That way, I could keep the consistent tonality of my favorite 3P 212 cab but add different flavors along the way, such as a Marshall 412 cab with greenbacks or a Vox 212 combo cabinet.


I have been using these IRs for the past year or so in products like the Atomic Amplifire and now the Line 6 Helix.  I have tried them in the HeadRush as well as the Fractal AxeFx and AX8.  Of course each modeling device starts with their own distinct amp models and there are such drastic differences between the different platforms that I’m not sure there is a silver bullet, one-size-fits-all solution.  But I’m hoping that this pack narrows things down quite a bit, at least for me.


My biggest complaint I have against many digital guitar devices is a lack of roundness to the tone, not so much in recording, but in amplifying the guitar for live use.  I want to have a full, harmonically rich guitar tone and this pack is my attempt to get that using the tools at my disposal.  Using these IRs I can choose a cabinet that is tailored more to fit a Vox/Matchless type amp model and switch in the middle of the song to a Marshall amp model for a solo and not throw my ears into a tailspin trying to keep up with massive eq shifts.  Having a blend of cabinets lets me accomplish this and hopefully there is a small niche in the world for such a cab IR.  You can hear examples of these IRs on the Helix Presets which utilize these IRs.


There are 30 different IRs in this package.  Please see product information .pdf for detailed descriptions.  These IRs are .wav files and you’ll receive both 44.1kHz and 48kHz sample rates for use with most IR compatible devices.

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2 reviews for MBlended IR Pack 1

(2 customer reviews )
  1. Dave

    These sound marvellous with my Atomic Amplifire. The blended IR’s really complement the modelled amps, and I found it very easy to quickly dial in usable tones at gig volume that sit great in a mix. I can’t wait to try them live next week.

  2. Brian

    I’m using these with an AXE FX II XL +.
    They have to be converted to the AXE FX format but work perfectly after doing so.
    They sound great and leave me wanting more IR’s that are done this well.

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