I know, I know. I already have a ton of profiles, why do I need more? The honest answer: I don’t. But I have G.A.S. (Gear Acquisition Syndrome) and feel like there’s always room for improvement. So I’m always looking for something I don’t already have. Sometimes those things just kinda fall in my lap and sometimes I have to seek them out. Not to get philosophical, but I am always looking for a great British-voiced gain tone, part vintage, part hot-rodded for those moments when I want to break out of my country mold and play rock star.

The Crank n Go Pack is made for those times. While there are a handful of cleans that will work for basic clean tones to build on, there are many more med/high gain options. I dialed in many of these tones with humbucker guitars because that is probably what I have the least of in my pack collection. I now have a Les Paul that I absolutely love and a cool Zemaitis this is still a bit of a work in progress, as well as a couple of super strat types that needed a place to shine. Granted, I’m not Mr. Rock God, nor will I ever claim to be. I never mastered super fast picking (I prefer legato hammer on licks and hybrid picking), so I can’t play any real 80’s rock parts, but I so wish I could. I’m hoping some better players than me out there will pick up my slack. Ha

This pack features some Marshall-esque tones, both vintage 70’s and hot rodded 80’s and even modern types. From a ’78 JMP SL to a Be Freed 50 (sorry for being cryptic) to a Sold Slow, there are some really fun rock tones to be had. Hopefully, you will be able to load these, pick a couple of favorites and crank up the volume and go (thus the name).

One thing unique about this pack is that I finally broke down and included some Merged versions of most all the rigs (save for a couple of clean rigs). It is more work and I am not always happy with the results but these turned out pretty close to the Studio rigs and should work great for players who monitor their Kempers with standard guitar cabs. Keep in mind, though, that the Kemper is not a “closed system” and I can only tweak them to sound good with what I am listening on and there’s no way to solve for every available monitoring solution. I’m just hoping that these sound as good on your system as they do on mine.

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