Today’s quick tip is how to store Stomps Presets. Think of the Stomps section as a basic pedalboard. If you’re accustomed to having a stock set of fx pedals that you use on a lot of rigs, it’s really quick and easy to save that whole section as a preset so you can add that whole stomps group to any rig you pull up very quickly.

All you have to do is hold the STOMPS button down to bring it into the edit window after you’ve populated the stomps fx blocks with the blocks you want to store. Then hit the STORE button and hit STOMPS Section. Name the preset whatever you want and then hit STORE again.

To recall one of these Stomps presets, just go to a rig that you want to add them to and hit the STOMPS button and then turn the BROWSE knob and select the preset you want to use. After you select it, just EXIT out and then store the entire Rig with your new Stomps Preset included.

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